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There is a lot of paperwork that a Vendor needs to complete when thinking of moving home.  Like most Estate Agents you will be busy getting a marketing plan in place, but who is investing time with your clients or prospects to get them engaged?


Get legally prepared is just one of the hosting platforms that helps to deliver integrated solutions for your Estate Agency business and your clients. Working tirelessly to drive engagement in your nurturing technologies delivered by PSD Logbooks and Property Searches Direct.

By outsourcing certain activities, you are saving time that you could otherwise invest in marketing and selling.  We provide you with a bespoke solutions that reside within a web environment as well as within client engagement solutions within PSD Logbooks. 


​While you and your teams are scoring all the goals, we are working hard to drive your regional market place to engage with technologies that satisfy their interest in market conditions, price fluctuations and keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.  

Bringing your business the opportunities that you would otherwise have to fight for.

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