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Our useful guide to help you tick all the boxes to get you ready for moving home.

There is a lot to consider when thinking of moving home so we have put together 5 steps to help you get started. 

The UK property market has changed dramatically over the last year or so and it has become clear that the 'traditional' house selling process is now generally accepted as no longer fit for purpose. 

The legal process is hindered by too little information being gathered by sellers at the start of marketing. All sectors of the property market are now asking for more up front information to help speed up transaction times, reduce stress and minimise the number of sales falling through. Given that failed transaction levels have hit a 35% average in England and Wales something clearly needs to be done. By Comparison, where more up front information is provided in Scotland, the rate of failed transactions is far lower at just 11%.

Following these simple steps will help Home Movers 'Get Legally Prepared' by completing as much of the paperwork as possible even before finding a buyer. This helps eliminate many of the issues that can arise during the transaction before they become a problem and potentially put your sale at risk.



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We work closely with our clients to prepare them for sale. If you have not already done so, get a valuation booked in with us here so that we can find out what buyers we have registered for a property like yours. Our objective is to obtain the very best possible price for every property we sell allowing for market conditions.


Exquisite Home offers a range of specialist services to help with all your property related matters. Through our advice and services on buying and selling homes, survey and valuation, mortgage services and energy performance certificates, we help clients fulfil their property needs – whatever and wherever they are.   Exquisite Home Brochure



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Confirm your Identity

Everyone that you engage with is going to need to know who you are. It is best practice for businesses to complete Identification and Anti Money Laundering Checks (ID/AML) so don't be surprised.


We are no exception. We have made this process very straight forward. You can either arrange to meet me in person or use our remote solution utilising the Credas mobile app where we can verify your identity in under a minute with a simple and easy to use service.


If you have not already done so, please either contact me to arrange a meeting face to face  or follow the link to the left to complete the ID/AML process remotely.



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Order Your Searches

Get the Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water and Environmental reports ordered as soon as possible. These are bundled up as a Search Pack to save money.


These will alert you to any issues that might adversely affect your selling price or potentially delay your sale transaction.  Your buyers will be able to satisfy their Mortgage Lenders requirements as well as provide vital information to their conveyancer at the very start of the transaction rather than weeks after the sale is agreed. 


To order your Searches, please click on the 'Order Now' button. Use the code Exquisite-5 when placing an order to identify you as one of our clients and to benefit from a 5% discount.

The cost of Searches can either be borne by you and seen as an incentive for the buyer; alternatively the searches can be negotiated as part of the sale;  or they can be purchased by your buyer for a 100% refund back to you thus rendering them cost neutral.  Discuss your options with me before committing to buy them.



Access and complete your Legal Protocol Forms

Complete your Legal Protocol Forms without the need to print, as editable versions are available to download below. Invariably Home Movers do not have access to these forms until after they have instructed a Conveyancer to act for them. We provide them here for anyone wishing to get started.

Gather all useful documents such as boiler service agreements and double glazing guarantees etc. and keep them somewhere safe with your completed protocol forms, as they will all be needed when you instruct a conveyancer to act for you.

Fixtures & Contents Form TA10

Fixture & Contents Form

Property Information Form TA6

Property Information Form


Leasehold Information Form TA7

Leasehold Information Form

Only complete if selling a leasehold property



Instruct a Conveyancer

Consider instructing a conveyancer to act for you as soon as you go to the market.

We work with a number of reputable conveyancers locally and would be delighted to introduce you to them. Just ask me for a recommendation and I shall put you in touch with the most appropriate legal partner for your specific needs.

"Not all Estate Agents are the same".  The same can be said of Solicitors.

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