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Access and complete your Legal Protocol Forms

To avoid any delays following a sale being agreed we suggest that you Complete your Legal Protocol Forms as soon as possible, ideally as you start to go to the market.  They contain information that we will need to refer to during marketing, so don't delay. 


They can be completed without the need to print, as editable online versions are available to access below. Invariably Home Movers do not have access to these forms until after they have instructed a Conveyancer to act for them. We provide them here to give our clients a head start and enable faster transactions to follow.

Gather all useful documents such as boiler service agreements and double glazing guarantees etc. and keep them somewhere safe with your completed protocol forms, as they will all be needed when you instruct a conveyancer to act for you.​  We will be able to offer you some guidance finding a suitable conveyancer to work with you if you need any recommendations.

Property Information Form TA6

Property Information Form


Fixtures & Contents Form TA10

Fixture & Contents Form

Only complete if selling a leasehold property

Leasehold Information Form TA7

Leasehold Information Form

Getting Searches underway now that you have found a property to buy

During the pandemic, the property and legal industries have witnessed massive delays that have driven progressive agents like me to find solutions to help speed things up.  Transactions in numerous regions have seen significant Search delays that we are keen to avoid.  


Given that on average a conveyancer/solicitor will take 6.5 weeks to place an order for Searches, it is wise for you to get an order placed as soon as possible when you have found a property to purchase. 

Please use the link below to get your Search order underway now. 


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