Congratulations!! You have recently agreed to buy a property from one of our clients.

Please complete the steps below to get your purchase transaction underway.

As soon as we have your completed ID Reports (one for each person involved in the transaction) and confirmation that your Searches have been ordered, we shall complete and distribute the Memorandum of Sale.



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Confirm your Identity

Everyone that you engage with is going to need to know who you are. It is best practice for businesses to complete Identification and Anti Money Laundering Checks (ID/AML).


We are no exception. We have made this process very straight forward by using a remote solution utilising a mobile app where we can verify your identity in under a minute with a simple and easy to use service.


If you have not already done so, please use the ORDER NOW button to complete the ID/AML process remotely.

This should be completed at your earliest convenience.



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Order Your Searches

Get the Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water and Environmental reports ordered as soon as possible. These are bundled up as a Search Pack to save money. A conveyancer will typically order the Searches on average 6.5 weeks after being instructed so this really helps to speed up the process for our clients.


These are required by your conveyancer to satisfy the needs of any lenders involved. They also contain information vital to your decision making when buying a property.


To order your Searches, please click on the 'Order Now' button.
Use the Unique Promo Code provided by your Keller Williams Agent 
when placing an order to identify you as one of our clients and to benefit from our discount.

If the vendor has already purchased the Searches to save even more time, any completed reports will be instantly transferred across to you and your solicitor / conveyancer by email.

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