The 20 hottest streets and highest house price in Oundle and PE8
Published 7th of February, 2022

House prices in Oundle and PE8 have increased significantly over the last few months, rising by on average around £2,000 per month over the last year. In this article, we look at the house price and housing transaction trends in Oundle and PE8

Where are the highest house prices in Oundle and PE8?

House prices in Oundle and the PE8 area have increased significantly over the last year and we have seen the highest prices in Elton Road PE8 where house prices hit £1.6 million in 2021. In second place was Mill Lane in Cotterstock where a home sold for £1.17m and in third place, was a home on Main Street which sold for £1.11 million.

We show the twenty most expensive streets in PE8 in the chart below:

62022ce953a40_PE8 house prices 2021.png

Have the expensive streets in Oundle and the PE8 area got more expensive?

Yes, they have, in 2020 the highest selling price of a home in PE8 was on Main Street which sold for just over one million pounds (£1,013,000), but nipping at its heels was a home in Oundle Road which sold for just under £1 million at £995,000. The third most expensive home to sell in PE8 in 2020 was in Stoke Hill, where a home sold for £975,000.

62022d0d509fe_PE8 house prices 2020.png

The most expensive home in Oundle and the PE8 area

However, the most expensive home to sell in PE8 sold for £2,950,000 a whisker under three million pounds in Church Lane in 2019. We also saw a home in Church Walk sell for £1,590,000 in 2019 and Waters Edge completed the podium that year with a sale coming in at £1,275,000.

62022d2a1de84_PE8 house prices 2019.png

Where are the hottest streets in Oundle and PE8 area right now?

According to the latest available data from the Land Registry Main Street across PE8 is the hottest street with 16 sales in the reported data for 2021, perhaps not surprising given its size range of housing. Sales in 2021 ranged from £165,000 to £1,110,000 with an average price of £538,000

62022d449b6cc_PE8 house sales 2021.png

After Main Street is Lytham Park with five sales ranging from £360,000 to £486,000. Oak Lane, Glapthorn Road and Hillfield also had five sales with Glapthorn topping the price scales with the highest sales price of £660,000.

Housing sales in Oundle and PE8 area much high in 2021 than in 2020

In 2020, 54 homes were sold in PE8, but in 2021 that rose by 37% To 74 and we expect that figure to rise as more housing transactions get reported to the Land Registry. The hottest streets in 2020 were Main Street with 14 sales, Creed Road with nine sales and Oak Lane with six sales.

Oundle and the PE8 area housing market Heat Map

We show in the diagram below the 20 hottest streets in PE8 for 2019, 2020 and 2021.  Whilst each year is different, there are five streets that have been in the top 20 streets by the number of home sales for three years in a row: Elton Road, Hillfield Road, Lawrence Road, Main Street and Oak Lane. For these streets, it seems once they are hot they stay hot.

62022d981de92_HOttest streets PE8 Venn.png

Has buying a home in Oundle and the PE8 area been a good investment?

Whilst we are keen to point out that home is primarily a place to live rather than a financial investment, the residents of the PE8 area will no doubt be glad to know that buying a home in North Northamptonshire has been a very good investment, in our view.

Since 1995 house price growth in North Northamptonshire has outperformed both the East Midlands and England overall. 

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Data compiled and analysed for Aspire Sale & Lettings Oundle

by Anthony Codling / Data Analyst and CEO, Twindig