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Our useful guide to help get prepared for your sale.

There is a lot to consider when thinking of selling your property so we have put these steps together to help you get started. 

Our aim is to enable your sale transaction to complete within 6 weeks of a sale being agreed.  

To enable this to happen, we need to collate as much up front information as possible, for which we need your input. 

Below your will have access to a set of Standard Protocol forms which you will need to complete and email to us along with any other supporting documentation required to support their completion.


You will also be able to purchase the Searches that your buyer will be required to obtain for their conveyancer. This will save up to 8 weeks of transaction time. The cost of the Searches will be refunded to you as soon as a sale has been agreed and the buyer pays for them. 

Following these simple steps will help you to 'Get Legally Prepared' by completing as much of the paperwork as possible even before finding a buyer. This helps eliminate many of the issues that can arise during the transaction before they become a problem and potentially put your sale at risk.



Confirm your identity and order your Searches in one bundle

Everyone that you engage with is going to need to know who you are. It is best practice for businesses to complete Identification and Anti Money Laundering Checks (ID/AML) so don't be surprised.


We are no exception.


We have made this process very straight forward by utilising cutting edge technology via an App on your smartphone to enable this process to be completed remotely at a time of your choosing.

We have bundled up the cost of the ID/AML Reporting with your Searches to save you money.

 STEP 1 

Download the App for Free via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

 STEP 2 

Place an order by clicking on the 'Order Here' button on this page, complete the order details and then check out in the online shop. If the order is for more than one person, please ensure that your provide the names and email addresses for each person requiring an ID report.

 STEP 3 

Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email invitation containing your unique user code (not to be shared with anyone else). Use this code to access the App. 

 STEP 4 

Follow the step by step guide in the App to complete the process. Read each section carefully to ensure that we receive the correct information and images.

Order Your Searches

Get the Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water and Environmental reports ordered as soon as possible. These are bundled up as a Search Pack to save money.


These will alert us to any issues that might adversely affect your selling price or potentially delay your sale transaction.  Your buyers will be able to satisfy their Mortgage Lenders requirements as well as provide vital information to their conveyancer at the very start of the transaction rather than weeks after the sale is agreed. 


To order your Searches along with your ID/AML report(s), please click on the 'Order Now' button below.

Use the code TPA-5 when placing an order to identify you as one of our clients and to benefit from a discount.

The cost of Searches can either be borne by you and seen as an incentive for the buyer or negotiated as part of the sale. If they are purchased by your buyer you will receive a 100% refund rendering them cost neutral. 


Discuss your options with our team so that we can ensure that the marketing message is correct.

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Access and complete your Legal Protocol Forms

Complete your Legal Protocol Forms without the need to print, as editable versions are available to access below. Invariably Home Movers do not have access to these forms until after they have instructed a Conveyancer to act for them. We provide them here for anyone wishing to get started.

Gather all useful documents such as boiler service agreements and double glazing guarantees etc. and keep them somewhere safe with your completed protocol forms, as they will all be needed when you instruct a conveyancer to act for you.​

Fixtures & Contents Form TA10

Fixture & Contents Form

Property Information Form TA6

Property Information Form


Leasehold Information Form TA7

Leasehold Information Form

Only complete if selling a leasehold property

Please email your completed paperwork and scans of associated documents to

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